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You will learn how to manage finances,build a business, Find Suppliers,attract Customers on the goal and Create Wealth.
Entrepreneurship Course: How to Start and Grow Your Own Business Without Prior Knowledge or Experience
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C J Investiment Property with its Zambian partner EDC has designed a robust and noble Entrepreneurship program for job and wealth creation targeting students and the public to help them create/register own companies,receive funds,run viable businesses and become their own bosses and employers.
Entrepreneurship program will significantly enhance your life,better health,more money,improved lifestyle&financial freedom
Create Wealth and Thrive
You will learn how to Pick a Niche, Find suppliers, Build wealth and Customers on the goal.
10 Profitable Product Ideas 

Benefit 3
Access to many investing strategies,funding, J V partnership, tools and marketing techniques that the rich use to scale their investments. 
Benefit 2
Free financial literacy course on budgeting,interest rates, debt management and controlling your financial destiny.
Benefit 1
Below is a sneak peek of what is inside this course, and what you’ll learn.
What’s inside?
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Hastings S
Thanks for the encouragement dear servant of God your story is teaching
Brian M
Charles V Kaluwasha, Your story is a Great inspiration. One of your dreams is a dream I have of setting up a Farm and supply chickens, Eggs and Vegetables. 
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